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Born in 1970, Touron was brought up in the South-West of France. He moved from France to study in Amsterdam where he lived for nine years. He then moved to New York after getting the Fulbright Fellowship in 2001 to do his MFA at the School of Visual Art.

He uses drawings, paintings, sculpture, and video to transcribe small details from his memory into a whimsical aesthetic. His work mixes his absurd and sophisticated wit, with a subtle melancholy of memorial, but is executed with a touch of both the simplicity and cruelty of a child’s eye.

He assembles casts of taxidermist animals or toy train tracks into sculptures and structures that seem as though they are just about to topple over. The rigid materiality of household objects is transformed into illogical fantasies whose architecture is supple enough to allow the most unfathomable realities to seem at ease.
Touron has been exhibited by SlingShot Project in its exhibition "Quixotic" in September 2003.

"Close the light"
Ink on paper
14in X 11in • 36cm X 28cm

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