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Improper Bostonian "Portrait of the Artist"
June 20, 2001  
Maverick Arts, Charles Giuliano,"David Palmer and Louis Risoli"  
September 20, 2000  
Arts Media,Thomas Garvey,"Newbury Street Harvest"  
Setember 15 - October 15, 2000  
Boston Globe,Cate McQuaid,"Luminous Landscapes With Abstract  
September 7, 2000  
Boston Globe,Cate McQuaid,"Painted Objects With the Mind of  
their Own"  
December 10,1998  
Improper Bostonian,Charles Giuliano,"The Year in art"  
January 18 - January31,1995  
Boston Globe,Nancy Stapen,"Beauty Rears its Pretty Head in  
Contemporary Art"  
May 19,1994  
Boston Globe,Nancy Stapen,"In '93 Galleries Put Ingenuity  
on Display,"  
December 30,1993  
Art New england,Nico McIan  
August/September 1992  
Boston Globe,Nancy Stapen,"Natures Role in a Man-Made  
world;Women inBlack. White and Gray,"  
May 20,1993  
Art New England,Miles Unge  
Boston Journal, Beverly Creasey,"Ay, Theres the Rugg"  
November 28,1991  
Bay Window, Shawn hill," Impending Doom,"  
July 4,1991  
Bay Windows,Tom Grabosky, "Congrats to Gallery NAGA,"  
February 28,1991  
Boston Globe,Christine Temin, "Renovations Render a  
Cozy Feeling in Newbury Street's Gallery NAGA,"  
February 20,1991  
South End News,Cate McQuiad,"Future Abstract: gallery  
Scmallery Predicts Art for the Nineties,"  
October 18, 1990  
Newton Tab, S. McKenna, "Hot Picks,"  
May 16,1989  
Allston-Brighton Journal,Beverly Creasy,"Extraordinary  
Canvases of David Palmer," May 11,1989  

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