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David Palmer’s single brushstroke paintings transgress the classical caricature of brushstrokes by painters such as Roy Lichtenstein and James Nares. Palmer’s single brushstroke work takes action painting into a new territory where Pollock’s metaphor of the artist as nature meets the realm of artificial perfection. At the antipode of instant but timeless accumulation of painting drips, Palmer’s extreme abstractions are a single movement of energy . The fusion of paint and body “climaxes” in spins that turn paint into erotic feelings.

Palmer was exhibited by SlingShot Project in May 2002 in a group show called "Burst". His first solo show in New York was held at SlingShot Project in November of 2003 on Crosby Street. Since then Palmer has also partipated in a group show in February of 2004 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Acrylic on Linen
64in X 64in - 163cm X 163cm
Private Collection, New York

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