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Xavier Deshoulières was born in 1969 in Poitiers, France. He lived in Provence until the age of eighteen and thereafter studied in Paris. In 1995, he earned his degree in decorative art in Strasbourg and left to live in Cologne, Germany for two years.

Over that period, in the former studio of Donald Judd, he discovered and developed his distinctive figurative painting technique.

Painting on the reverse of the canvas, he applies, in a seemingly spontaneous manner, pure pigments and oil and, through the force of his hands, works the mixture through the surface.

The motifs slowly bleed through to the front side of the canvas to reveal the painting.

In 1997, he returned to live in Paris. He subsequently participated in exhibitions in Amsterdam, Brussels and San Francisco. In 1999, he decided to demonstrate his painting process to the public and gave one of his first "performance" at the opening of the Contemporary Art Fair, "Art Paris".

In early 2001, Deshoulières met Virgil de Voldère and soon afterwards performed for SlingShot Project in Chelsea, New York. This marked the beginning of a successful collaboration that has led to exhibitions in Paris and London.

"Mes Anges"
Oil on canvas
77in X 53in • 196cm X 135cm
Private Collection, Portugal

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